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April 2012 Mission: The Power of Literature

How much would you give to change someone’s eternal destiny?

It doesn’t cost much: Less than a penny will give someone a chance to hear about Jesus through a Gospel tract.

These small booklets are produced specifically for the cultures and languages of Asia. Thousands of people have chosen to follow Christ after coming face-to-face with the Gospel message in these tracts.

Each year, Gospel for Asia publishes more than 30 million pieces of Gospel literature, which are distributed by our missionaries, Bible college students and believers throughout Asia.

How many of us have been given Gospel tracts? In Asia one tract can reach literally dozens of people, as they are read and then passed on to others.

Below are some field stories illustrating the power of a Gospel tract. Please read and share them.

An Open Window

In many countries around the world, people just don’t have access to computers and the internet, television or even cell phones. These are the places where literature means the most. People are hungry for news – and always want to hear good news – so Gospel tracts reach hearts very easily. Your support of Gospel for Asia’s efforts changes lives. And remember that 100% of what you give goes to the field.

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