My family – like many in the U.S. – has been touched deeply by addiction to drugs and alcohol. I’m sure many of you can relate. At one time or another, most of us took drugs or Stevedrank too much, and years of real, vibrant life were lost to the scourge of addiction. However, when one of my brothers was miraculously, instantaneously delivered and healed of addiction to heroin, alcohol and other substances, our entire family was transformed. The miracle we saw in Steve changed us all, and one-by-one we gave ourselves to Jesus.

This dramatic ending (really a beginning for us) doesn’t usually happen, because drugs and alcohol take their toll before a mind and heart addled by narcotics can absorb the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Steve, however, was shown love and freedom by two of the most Godly women I’ve ever met – Ruth Wynne and Betty Adams, of the Jesus House in Oklahoma City. They loved Steve when no one else would, and he responded. Unfortunately, many people die in their addictions, and families are torn apart because they never receive a credible witness of God’s love. If any of Familyyou readers would like to share your story – whether it be sad, painful or glorious – you can post it as a Comment below so others can benefit from your experience.

Tragically, addiction is found all over the world, not only in the U.S. and other affluent countries. Below you can read the account of a family in India that found freedom and healing through the love shared by the people of Gospel for Asia. Transformations take place when we boldly and lovingly care for and empathize with others.

Please read this testimony, then respond by praying for the work of Gospel for Asia, and giving financially to support their efforts. Thank you!

Javesh Crosses the Bridge of Hope

SACHI WATCHED HER HUSBAND BECOME MORE AND MORE DEPENDENT ON ALCOHOL to get through each day. She and Javesh had small children to feed, but whatever money he made, he used on his addiction. The situation grew worse, and their food was beginning to run out.Alcohol

The only glimmer of hope in Sachi’s and Javesh’s lives was that their son Chakor was enrolled in a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center. They knew he was being cared for and given a nutritious meal every day.

While Chakor received the opportunity to learn and grow, things were looking grim for the rest of the family.

One day, during a regular visit to the family’s home, the staff members from the Bridge of Hope center realized how dire Chakor’s family situation truly was. After meeting with the family, they decided to offer Sachi a job as a cook at the center. She was overjoyed at the prospect.

The new job meant income, and an income meant their family wouldn’t have to starve. Sachi was very happy to be able to meet all her children’s needs again.

God Answers Their Prayers

The Bridge of Hope staff continued visiting with and praying for the family, and slowly, Javesh’s life started to change. He stopped drinking alcohol, and he began to use his wages to provide for his family again.

SachiThrough the prayers and friendship of the Bridge of Hope staff, Sachi and Javesh saw the love of Jesus and knew that He cared very much for them. The couple and their children embraced the hope that can only be found in Christ.

Today the family attends the local fellowship together, and their home is full of God’s peace. Not only has their outward situation changed drastically, but their inner lives were transformed as well.

See how your prayers can impact Bridge of Hope children and their families.

Here’s an article that outlines the troubles of alcohol abuse in India.

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  1. Thanks Dennis, I recently went back to it . I really would like it to be used for God,s Glory and not mine so I’m just putting some simple things in there’s now. I just put in a couple of videos to encourage I hope!
    Be Blessed !
    P.s. I think you are my only fan….lol

  2. Good to hear from you pirronjp (Joe)! Hope all is well with you and Michelle and your kids. Hey, brother, keep writing that blog – I want to see some new entries!!

  3. Your story is an Inspiration and testimony to the Love of Christ! Thanks for sharing!
    Too often I have seen people die because of alcohol and drug addiction, people that we love,
    Held in bondage. To suicide! and yet what have I personally done to help them!
    My life has been drastically changed because of Jesus, I thank him everyday!
    I pray for others, but can’t help that I haven’t done enough!
    Recently I have struggled in living right!
    The old man trying to take over….I rebuke it and move on but I still struggle!
    Thank you for being there my friends !

  4. Brother, your life IS pleasing to God, and a witness to all of us around you. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey D,
    My story wasn’t as awe-inspiring as your brother’s, but, God did intervene in my life also. I remember the day like it was just yesterday. I was driving in a gold Ford Granada with two strangers looking for dope one late night. I had been battling drugs and booze for a few years and just couldn’t seem to find a way out. At a split second, I looked in the rearview mirror and God gave me a split second of sanity. I stopped the car and threw out the folks that had hitched a ride with me, and sped home. When I got there, I remember being on my knees in my newborn daughter’s bedroom sobbing like a baby, begging God to relieve me of this bondage. Twenty-five years later, here I stand. Saved by God. Clean and sober for those 25 years and living a life that I hope is pleasing to God.

    I don’t know who was praying for me, but I am sure that someone was, for me to get that split second of sanity.

    Love unconditionally.


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