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This week, we in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving. Hours later, or now in some cases hours before, the Christmas buying season begins.

Has the celebration of Christmas gotten out of hand? Are parties, presents and decorations obscuring the true meaning of the season? Forgotten Christmas is the story of a young girl who knows something is amiss. And she has an idea that just might help others remember what Christmas is really about. Watch Forgotten Christmas today and share it with your friends and family.

While we in the West spend, spend, spend there are hundreds of millions of people whose reality is very different.

Spread across South Asia is a group of forgotten people too numerous to count. Despised by their countrymen and viewed as subhuman, even the shadows they cast are believed to be cursed because of their perceived filth. They are the Dalits and backward caste people of South Asia, the lowest of the low.

Estimated at over 300 million in number, you would think they have great political might. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Divided into many smaller groups that speak numerous languages, they find organization almost impossible.

One young woman named Tarala had endured this discrimination her whole life. Her family was so low in the caste system that occupations were chosen for them. The false gods she worshiped gave her a horrific responsibility.

Her False Gods Demanded She Beg Three Days A Week

Tarala’s religion determined that she and her family would be beggars. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, whether rain or shine, they begged for their livelihood. There was no discussion, no pleading their case to a higher authority. This was their lot and there were no other options.

Asking for money three days a week barely fed Tarala’s family. When her parents became seriously ill, Tarala knew that, as the oldest daughter, she must do something. Money had run out. Despair was growing. Starvation was coming.


A Normal Job Didn’t Help

With nowhere else to turn, Tarala found a job in a factory. She worked on the days she wasn’t assigned to beg, but her co-workers didn’t approve of her presence because of her low caste. They harassed and humiliated Tarala, constantly reminding her of her place in the world. The abuse grew so intense, she had to leave the job and lose the income it provided.

Forgotten Christmas Offers Her Hope

Then a miracle happened. A pastor in the area met Tarala, and she shared with him all her troubles. He offered to enroll her in a sewing class, and she learned the trade quickly. There was just one problem: Tarala couldn’t afford a sewing machine.

That’s when a person donated a sewing machine through the Forgotten Christmas gift program. Upon receiving the gift, Tarala was amazed that someone cared enough about her to provide her with a means for a livelihood.

One Sewing Machine Transforms an Entire Village

Tarala opened a dress shop, and business boomed! From the income she earned, she was able to purchase a second sewing machine and teach her younger sister to help. Now Tarala can work from home and take care of her sick parents.

Tarala is now teaching others in her village how to sew. One small gift has literally changed the lives of an entire village. But best of all, she is learning about Christ and his amazing grace.


Your Gifts Make an Impact

Help others like Tarala, low-caste people who are sometimes forced to find employment removing carcasses from the street, or cleaning human waste out of the sewers.

On average, the western consumer spends over $500 on Christmas. This year, consider setting aside 10, 20, or even 50 percent of your Christmas budget to reach a lost and dying world.

Today, you can make a difference. Share Christ with them this Christmas. You may be the only person who ever does.

To get involved click here ►

May the Lord bless you with eyes to see and ears to hear.


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  1. Reblogged this on Dark Acts Bible: Glass Half Empty, Base Cracked… and commented:
    I am Guyanese woman — the first American-born member of my family. My mother often shared with me the horrors experience by those simply born into the ‘wrong’ caste. The whole concept of caste is little more than legalized, justified classism — even racism. And the “religious” in these societies don’t have to be nice to them, much less pray for them, because their “anti-status” is considered little more than an accident of birth…

    This is a brilliant piece. Please read it, and help if you can.

  2. Thanks, Mariam for your desire to help the “least of these” by sharing your resources, prayers and your love – and thanks for the link to Tirzah International. It means a lot to me that you would give to the people that GFA touches, and I hope it inspires others to do the same. Remember, that 100% of what we give to GFA goes to the field – nothing is taken out for overhead, which is supplied through other means. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Dennis, Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to live the gospel with our lives! I will plan on donating to Forgotten Christmas this December as a result of your post. Tarala’s story reminds me of Peace’s in Africa. A few friends and I in Silver Lake are part of which provides sewing machine for women who are in need of work in supporting themselves and their families.

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