“We do not arm ourselves against any nation; we do not learn the art of war; because, through Jesus Christ, we have become the children of peace.”

– Origen of Alexandria


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  1. Thanks, Mariam and soulteller – I appreciate your comments, as always. You are both an encouragement!

  2. thumbs up

  3. My five-year-old grandson is learning all about “opposites.” Hot/Cold, Up/Down, Near/Far – they seem so easy to recite. My greatest hope, however, is that he learns the difference between Love and Hate and Peace and War, choosing to follow the most difficult path, in embracing love and peace. It’s so hard to think about all of the grandchildren turned into lean, mean, killing machines, worldwide. Young people killing young people: It’s the same on all sides.

    So who do we teach them to emulate? The Prince of Peace or the Prince of War?

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