“What normally passes for Christianity is a religion that does not really require us to follow Christ.

“We can be a part of churchianity and still pursue unfettered materialism. We can be part of churchianity and not turn the other cheek, not help the poor, not be humble, not love our neighbor, brother and enemy, not die to self daily. Heck, we can even claim to be Christian and fight battles for the fallen kingdoms of this wicked world system and kill another human being.

“But as long as you join an organization, attend regularly and give them their expected proper membership dues, they will consider you to be a Christian.

“Some people have told me that they are praying that I come back to ‘the church.’ The fact is: I never left The Church. I’m an eternal life member. I left the building to follow Christ.”

~ Mike Hutchison


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  1. Thanks for all your comments! It’s nice to know that there are others who see truth, without looking through the lens of “club membership.”

  2. i second that, kate.

  3. Love it. Not being judgmental, but I too have “left the building to follow Christ”. I remain utterly in love with my Lord, growing in His attributes as I continue to experience life. The “Christian” friends of mine either attend a church or don’t. And yet, we break bread intimately every day and are free to commune with all peoples, without fear of being swayed to lose faith in our Maker.

    Recently, a close friend was told by a loved one that she is very worried for her because she isn’t reading her Bible often enough. Another has asked if it’s possible to not be part of a traditional church congregation and still follow God. A local church touts continuous prayer as the road to avoid an eternal Hell, and especially at their facility, where the “burning” is extreme.

    So sad that God sets free and man continues to entangle. Thanks, Dennis, for posting things that encourage and enlighten me. Much appreciated.

  4. Well said Mike Hutchison! Thanks Dennis

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