IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

I AM BY BIRTH A TROLL – mostly a feared, misunderstood being, shunned and ignored by the greater part of society. In fact, if you would only listen to me, and just make an honest effort to get to know me, I think you would like me – maybe even love me.

My name is IMHO, and I know I’m considered by some to be ugly, repulsive and downright scary. But I’m really no different from you. Not if you open your ears and your heart and listen to me. You just have to get past the initial shock – the repulsive stuff – and see the real me.

My nature is to be honest, sometimes brutally so. Is that why you don’t like me? I tell the truth, at least as I see it. And I have no reason to lie, nothing to gain and nothing to lose. I think it’s because I’ve experienced so much misunderstanding, that I have a genuine desire to see the truth and tell it. I hate being misunderstood, and when I am, I’m compelled to say something.

The problem is, when I speak you don’t listen. Can’t you hear me? Or is it that you don’t want to hear me?

You walk past me as if I don’t exist, ignoring me, averting your gaze, staring straight ahead as if in a trance. All of you. Almost as if you’re marching in the military, locked in together, and oblivious to all that’s going on around you.

Don’t get me wrong, focus can be a good thing. But if your focus morphs into an unthinking, slave-like, submissive, turn-off-your-brain kind of capitulation to what everybody else is saying and believing, then you’ll never see me. You’ll never hear me. You’ll never know me.

Every time you approach me, you’ll get nervous and start to think, “Why did I come this way?” instead of “Oh, there’s IMHO. What does he have to say today?”

It’s because I’m ugly, right? Do I scare you? Do you think I’m going to hurt you? Are you afraid to talk with me?

Maybe that’s just your prejudice telling your head that stuff. “He’s ugly.” “He’s gonna hurt you!” “He has a knife behind that beard.” Or maybe it’s your friends telling you those things, because what I have to say goes counter to what you’re being told elsewhere. Is that it? Are you sticking with your friends against me?

And what about those of you who used to call me “friend”? What happened to you – to us? I think the pressure from your friends and your group got to you. They told you to ignore me. To stay away from me. To go down another street if you have to, just so you don’t run into me.

Isn’t that called “shunning”? That is so sad.

That’s probably why I’ve taken to living in a cave, away from you and from the stares and laughing. I’m safe in here, and I’ve actually grown to like it. But it’s lonely sometimes. And then there are the times I just have to blow about something that’s gotten under my skin. Especially when I see injustice, particularly practiced by people who preach passionately about “loving your neighbor,” or not looking down on others.

But then you look down on me.

Is it because I’m ugly? Or are you afraid of what I have to say? When my opinion differs from yours, why do you automatically reject me? It hurts. And it drives me into my cave.

But you know what? I’m still gonna speak, and I’m probably going to offend you, or your friends, or everybody for that matter!

All I ask is that you put away your preconceived ideas and your prejudices. Forget for a moment the dogma that controls you because it controls everybody you associate with, thereby creating a herd mentality – whether you’ll admit it or not – and you become part of the herd, rumbling across the landscape, ignoring everything in your path and causing more damage than you’ll ever know.

Next time I – or one of my brother or sister trolls – ventures out of a cave to say something, please suspend your hatred of what you consider ugly, and just listen! Try to understand the truth in what I’m saying, and see if it lines up with your core principles. If it does, then talk to me. Close your eyes if you must, but open your stuffed-up ears!

It’s just me. IMHO.

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  1. Judith Warren-Wright

    Thanks Dennis for making the real “IMHO.” I believe that “Political Correctness” has forced individuals to retreat from the real truth. I myself “IMHO” believe we need to stop being “PC” and speak the truth at all times, and back it up with the truth in scripture.

    God Bless

  2. thanks for clearing that up for everyone, Dennis – I mean what IMHO “really” means. Will as many people be open to your “humble opinion” of things now that they know you weren’t accusing them of just forgetting about you? We’ll see……………….. Respecting the opinion of others, being teachable, open, sensible, questioning, understanding. Hmmmm, we’ll see.

  3. Thank you Dennis for reminding me that I’m just an ugly troll, spending as much time in my cave as I can. You know, its nice and warm in here, its safe too. So much polarization these days between the ‘clean and the unclean’. I continue to hope that the day soon comes when the gap closes and we can see the beauty in everyone.

  4. This is definitely a “pause and think on this” one…Heart check time everybody!

  5. a real reflection of God’s love, putting down what we perceive as normal, and listening and seeing someone else with an open heart

  6. This article reminded me of the Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451. Only it’s not the government burning all the books now. It’s people donning crosses on their helmets, marching to the wrong Jesus.

  7. Sir Charles Thomas Jr

    who is IMHO ???? are you saying I’m a ho ? LOL Good words and good hearing from you brother ” D” I know this is going somewhere : ) so I’ll wait and see !! Miss you and got luv for ya Bro .

  8. I used to shun the IMHO’s of Bill Maher, Shawn Penn, Michael Moore, even Michael Jackson. Now I can look and see the truths, the hearts and much good. Thank God my eyes have been opened. Why did I feel threatened? Afraid to search out what they were really saying – to look their way, or to feel I was powerless to spit out the bones? It was just as you wrote, Dennis. I love you IMHO!

  9. God Loves you and so do i Brother !!!!!
    Im just a troll also !!!
    thank God for Jesus !!

    God Bless you my brother !!

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