I’ve received several emails regarding my post below, “FEAR LEADS TO HATRED,” and I thought it appropriate to list some of them here. While I stand by the premise of the article wholeheartedly, I admit I was NOT at the event referred to, and therefore did not hear the spirit of this man’s message. However, I DID go to Kamal Saleem’s website, I read what he has to say, I watched his video, and came away feeling like he’s a bit of a self-promoter. The video is labeled: See the shocking video Muslims don’t want you to see!! and goes on and on about what Muslims force their children to do – NOT radical Muslims, just Muslims – giving the distinct impression that Muslims are terrorists. This kind of fear-mongering is what I wrote about.

The speech that Saleem gave last night may have been very nice, but we still need to be wary whenever anyone is trying to stir us up – and always check their motives – as well as our brains. People from this particular church (where Saleem spoke) tend to get a bit defensive when I post anything remotely related to their activities, but they’ve got to realize that articles like this are meant to provoke all of us to think deeply about what we believe, what we take in from others, and why we follow who we follow.

Here are some of the responses I received:

“Who says we’re afraid?  Knowledge actually dispels fear. Don’t assume you know the motives of others. That is dangerous Dennis. No one is stirring up fear. That is your take on it.”

“You rock! I needed this information. I’ve been struggling with the whole Christian/Muslim issue for quite some time and my views were not very positive. What I just read makes so much sense. I was in the army for 6 years and my thought process was to wipe them out before they hit us. Thanks for these emails that you’ve been sending out.”

“Nice comments, Dennis. I am so sick of the fear-mongering.”

“WOW! I am going tonight to hear what he has to say OR maybe not. I think I read pretty well between the lines in your article – you make good points. There are people all over writing books and talking about their experience in Hell, 30 minutes in heaven, but I suppose that is a different kind of fear. You are absolutely right and I learned it firsthand in Bethlehem last year. We will make so much more influence on Muslims if we center on building relationships and show love. ps. – I did go and listen and while there is more to share than I can cover in this email, I took home the very same thing I learned in Bethlehem, and that is what he told the people – love the Muslims with the love of Jesus.”

“Right on Dennis”

“Dennis, You would have LOVED last night’s speaker.   He addressed the fear issue right off the bat and said, “fear breeds evil”.  And that, as we know, Perfect Love casts out all fear.  He gave a wonderful testimony so we could understand their culture and yes their agenda.  But we need to understand them because like I said yesterday, knowledge dispels fear.  It’s when we don’t understand or don’t have information that fear can germinate and really grow.  Kamal was reached by LOVE.  And that’s what his message was.  You really would have loved it Dennis.”


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  1. You have people discussing and thinking about something so basic and critical. Mt 5 through 7 tells us how we are to be in this world. Keep doing your job Dennis and take care.

  2. “and yes their agenda”

    Enough Said………

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