As I read yet another promo for a terrorist-turned-believer who’ll be speaking in a local church, I’m struck by the fear of it all.

“On Thursday, March 24 at 7pm XXX Church Welcomes Kamal Saleem. Kamal has tremendous insight into today’s world situation and a wealth of knowledge concerning the true culture and agenda of Islam. He is well-versed in both the Koran and the Holy Bible. He believes radical Islam is the most clear and present danger to both Christians and Jews in the world (emphasis mine). Kamal carries a message from God to awaken the church.”

Is this a healthy expression of God’s love? Will listening to this man’s chilling tales of how bad terrorists are, actually help us to love Muslims? I doubt it, because fear never creates trust, and that’s what we need to foster healthy relationships.

What are Christians afraid of? Do we really think that “radical Islam” is powerful enough to take over the U.S. and institute Sharia Law? I went to Saleem’s website (yes, he has a website, and of course, he’s written a book), and the fear continued. Here’s a quote from his site:

“Kamal Saleem is a courageous man. In The Blood of Lambs, he chronicles his incredible life as an Islamic terrorist and gives readers an inside look at the cruel world of terrorism and the threat it poses to democracy.  Kamal’s riveting story is a must read. Thanks, Kamal, for telling the world the truth about terrorism and your new life of faith.”

– LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin, Former Commander of U.S. Army Special Forces and Founding Member of Delta Force

Don’t tell me that a military man doesn’t have some kind of agenda in stirring up the pot of fear against Muslims. How else can the war machine continue to get funding for their adventures around the world? The sad thing is, is that all these folks cloak this fear in a sense of self-righteous religion, where members of the church become almost anti-Christian or unpatriotic if they see a different way.

But let me ask again, “What are Christians afraid of?” If we serve an all-powerful God, what is there to fear? Who can we fear? Are radical anyones greater than God?

And let’s get this straight – this IS fear-mongering. There’s no two ways about it. I’ve written about this before. I regularly get emails warning me of the radical Islamists who want to enslave me, institute Sharia Law, and wipe out my ability to practice my faith. But can they do that? Even if they tried?

I don’t think so.

No amount of Muslims, radical or otherwise, will invade the U.S., take over our government, and enslave us. It’s just not going to happen. But keeping people in fear does enslave. It creates a sense of mistrust and hatred against Muslims, which is exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught. How do we fall into these traps?

The answer is, political and religious leaders have a vested interest in finding common enemies to exploit, to keep their machines going, whether they be political, religious or militaristic.

One final question, and this hit me yesterday as I watched yet more demonstrations in the middle east by millions of people hungry for freedom:

“How is it possible that all these millions of Muslims are rejecting totalitarian rule in their home countries, but they want to come here and live under it?”

Preposterous! We can see the thirst for freedom all over the world. We need to exploit that! Not fear anyone, or their plans for us.

GOD has a plan for us. And it’s greater and more powerful than any evil planned against us. Do we believe this?

Then let’s act like it, and go OUT to meet these people we fear, and share the love of God with them. How about if we try that?


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  1. Jodie Mac Lean


    I was present to hear Kamal’s message. I find this report quite disturbing and judgemental especially since you did not attend “xxx church” to hear him speak. Kamel’s message was actually quite the contrary to what you have made it sound like. The message was one that encouraged love and peace…not one that stirred up fear, hate and opposition. In my opinion, you have misrepresented what actually was conveyed.


  2. Dennis, It appears that the discussions happening all over, coupled with newscast after newscast all fit neatly into this category of ‘fear mongering’.
    I believe this to be a great diversion from the example that Christ set for all of us to follow.
    What do we have to fear, but fear itself.

    Who among us has been called through the scripture to distribute information that breeds fear and suspicion?
    How are we to ‘love’ a person of different faith if we are (mis) lead to believe that their faith means to do us harm?

    I write this because I have to ask, WHO ARE WE PROTECTING while ‘gaining knowledge’ of a religious takeover ?
    And what does that even have to do with our mandate as believers to protect those who are oppressed – and care for the widows and orphans?

    Jesus lived under the government of one of the most tyrannical leaders of the time and He never told us to rise against it, take part in it or ‘gain knowledge’ about it. Governments rise and fall, God never changes.

    If we are truly His hands and feet why are we sitting on our rears week in and week out ‘gaining knowledge’?

    We all reap what we sow.

    If you sit in your comfort and gain knowledge, you will be left with knowledge.

    If you get up and get out and experience being the hands and feet of Jesus you will be left with Gratitude, Joy, Peace, Love, Kindness and EXPERIENCE.

  3. “Fear is a little darkroom where negatives are developed”
    (Faith dispels fear)

  4. charles thomas

    Any weapon formed against us shall “NOT PROSPER ” !!!! Good insight “D” ! miss ya guys : ) “I say unto you LOVE THY NEIGHBORS ” Does that sound familiar ? Hmmmm

  5. I could not agree more Dennis. Fear: ” a distressing emotion induced by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger.” Wikipedia

    Fear is used to manipulate and control. In the United States it is the method used most often and sadly, the church has not only fallen prey to it, but participate in it as well.

    I agree – fear does lead to hatred and more fear. Thanks for another thought provoking post.

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