“Civil disobedience is, traditionally, the breaking of a civil law to obey a higher law, sometimes with the hope of changing the unjust civil law. … But we should speak of such actions as divine obedience, rather than civil disobedience. The term ‘disobedience’ is not appropriate because any law that does not protect and enhance human life is no real law.”

– Sister Anne Montgomery, R.S.C.J.


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  1. Regarding the John MacArthur quote, when will people realize that the American government has already inflicted enough pain on so many people groups here and abroad from the day of its inception. So let’s keep deciding on another country’s fate? Elected president or despot leader, only God can set us free.
    I’d like to see Mr. MacArthur live under a dictator’s repressive regime for his whole life. I wonder if his perspectives would be deeper?

  2. I just thought this might provoke some discussion. I found this quote on a Social Justice network blog.

    In a recent article in The Christian Post, Pastor and Theologian John MacArthur warns that pro democracy protests in the Middle East are in violation of biblical commands. With nostalgia he asserts “I would have wished the American government, which has a history of Christianity, would have risen up and said ‘this is wrong, this is forbidden for people to do this, this is intolerable.'”

    He also goes on to say that the word ‘Servant’ in the bible has been mistranslated for the past thousand years and it should be changed to ‘slave.’
    Hmm…. is this what Jesus really wanted ?

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