If we are to be true followers of Jesus Christ, then we must ask ourselves:

“Would Jesus ever go to war – or kill anybody – under any circumstances, for any reason, at any time, in any place?”

We MUST answer NO, NO, NO and NO!!

How can we then say that we follow Jesus but support any government effort to wage war against anybody for any reason? C’mon now, folks. We are not living in the Old Testament, and we are not the nation of Israel. We are bound by a New Covenant of Love and Peace, bought and paid for by the Prince of Peace.

The least we can do is resist any effort by any government or any other entity to draw us into their sphere of hatred, domination, greed and total destruction.


“You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

It’s very clear what God’s desire is for his people, and it doesn’t include bombing people, taking their land, or expanding our “temporal kingdoms” here on earth. We’re supposed to be peacemakers, and if we allow the Holy Spirit to rule in our hearts, then here is no way we’ll be violent or support any government in its efforts “to protect our way of life.” What a bunch of rubbish we’ve been brainwashed with. What does God say?

Now please read Galations 5, and then tell me there’s one speck of room there for war or violence of any sort. If the Holy Spirit is in you, then you will not support war.

If you support war, then I have to wonder if the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Almighty God – is in you.

Any challengers?


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  1. wow.

  2. Try it, you might learn something, instead of from wherever you’re picking up your anti-Israel propaganda.

    From recent speech by Netanyahu:
    “But here are the facts. Hamas is smuggling thousands of Iranian rockets, missiles and other weaponry – smuggling it into Gaza in order to fire on Israel’s cities. These missiles can reach Ashdod and Beer Sheva – these are major Israeli cities. And I regret to say that some of them can reach now Tel Aviv, and very soon, the outskirts of Jerusalem. From the information we have, the planned shipments include weapons that can reach farther, even farther and deeper into Israel.

    “Under international law, and under common sense and common decency, Israel has every right to interdict this weaponry and to inspect the ships that might be transporting them…

    “…And here’s our policy. It’s very simple: Humanitarian and other goods can go in and weapons and war materiel cannot.
    And we do let civilian goods into Gaza. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Each week, an average of ten thousand tons of goods enter Gaza. There’s no shortage of food. There’s no shortage of medicine. There’s no shortage of other goods.”

    My guess is that Netanyahu is slightly more on top of the situation than you and your terrorist-sympathizing pals.

  3. they found missiles and thousands of tons of weapons on the ships that were stopped? i didn’t hear that…guess i gotta watch more fox news.

  4. I love how ships trying to get missiles and thousands of tons of weapons into Gaza are called “aid ships.” That’s one hell of a humanitarian effort! I guess the residents of Gaza enjoy making meals out of rocket launchers and such.

    Yeah, let’s keep picking on Israel, while making heroes and martyrs out of folks who cheer when buses of innocent people get blown up. It’s the latest liberal trend and even folks who call themselves Christians are getting on board. I guess the liberals are getting tired with the blame America thing and want a new pet butt to kick around.

    God bless Israel and God bless Benjamin Netanyahu. I wish we had somebody with his guts running our country!

  5. hey western dog, how’s it goin? just found a couple of your comments interesting…

    “Newmission you should really check your facts before you comment:
    concerning The ‘Aid Workers’? since when did aid workers Have pipes and knives and were the aggressors in the video? did you see the clips? people died in retaliation to the aid workers who attacked them first. and if they had nothing to hide why didn’t they just let them check there ship like the other ones did?”

    i think the last part of what you said was good…“why didn’t they just let them check their ship like the other ones did?” so if we use that question, we can come to the conclusion that the first part of your statement was quite generalized. not ALL of these activists are “bad guys.” maybe some of them (there were only a handful that attacked on one boat) are just good people who are fighting for a cause that they think is right…delivering aid to needy people who have been overrun by a government who uses god’s name to wipe out palestinian villages and box them in with walls, herding them like cattle for hours on end through gates as they go to work every day.

    “This was nothing more than a Political move to make Israel look bad, to gain international sympathy for palestine.”

    so what’s wrong with that? that’s DEMOCRACY! are not people allowed to speak out against injustice? maybe israel NEEDS to look bad! why are we defending flags and governments?! maybe there SHOULD BE sympathy for palestine. what about all the “nothing more than a political moves” made by israel, the u.s. government, the republican party, the democrat party…?

    i’m not supporting the violence that was practiced by those few on that one boat. on the other hand, i’m not supporting the violence carried out by the israeli military every day either. violence is violence. it’s evil. and evil is NOT of god.

    and if a flotilla of aid ships is making a political statement against israel, so what? if israel has done nothing wrong and not committed any crimes against humanity, then would there be anything to demonstrate about?

    i’m not defending any ulterior-motived terror-linked groups (those you mentioned) either. i’m defending the right to speak out against injustice and to help those in need.

    the palestinians are hurting. in part due to arafat and his major SNAFUs against his own people. in part, also, due to israel’s blatant and ignorant actions. in part, as well, due to most of the arab countries using the palestinians as pawns in a geo-politcal game of chess.

    so, what’s wrong about international sympathy for the palestinians? they’ve been royally you know what-ed from all sides. i think they deserve “a little” sympathy… especially from “god-loving, jesus-following” people!!!

    another thing that’s interesting is how the western christian movement blindly supports the state of israel, no matter what they do. because they’re god’s “chosen people.” (which is another topic…he chose them to carry the message of the messiah, they denied him, so then his next “chosen people” were the gentiles. as well, maybe he chose them because he knows they’re a stubborn people and to show the rest of us how rebellion and ignorance towards god DOESN’T WORK!) maybe, i don’t know… (and i’m a jew, so i can stand by that statement).

    why do christians always use the old testament to defend israel’s right to murder people in order to keep “their land?” i’ve lived in israel and what’s interesting is that the orthodox jews (who follow the torah, the old testament) DON’T support the state/government of israel!!!

    they believe it was created by man (which it was), NOT by god. therefore, they don’t fight in the military. instead, they study the torah (and live pharasitical lives of trying desperately to follow every old testament and rabbinical LAW.)

    so if christians are hanging on to the whole old testament argument, then they should actually NOT support the state of israel.

    or even better, christians can hang on to the teachings of jesus and love, and NOT blindly support the state of israel.

    i was sickened in israel by all the christian pro-israel “just a political move” followers who worshipped israel. they worshipped israel…NOT GOD! hating the arabs, the palestinians and defending ISRAEL! wow. maybe if they were real followers of christ, they’d be loving the arabs and palestinians and NOT defending israel!

    i met an israeli guy there, nir, and we became good friends. he HATED what the israeli military was doing…and what he had to do while mandatorily serving three years in the idf. he couldn’t even go into detail the things he was forced to do because it brought back too many haunting memories. all he could say was that israel was wiping people out. that’s interesting. isn’t that what they escaped from? now they’re in that same business as well?!

    there’s a place in india called “little tel aviv.” and it’s packed full of 21 year-old israeli boys and girls, all getting stoned off their rear ends on acid, shrooms, pot, hash…whatever they can find to erase the memories of murder that are emblazoned on their minds.

    so i hope christians wake up a bit and realize that it’s not about fighting against terrorists. who’s to say the israeli military aren’t terrorists as well? which “side” do we choose? which “terrorist organisation” is “the good one?”

    it’s about supporting peace and love and aid to the downtrodden. not fighting. supporting.

    check out these first-hand accounts of ex-israeli soldiers speaking about the realities of war and “defending” one’s flag.


  6. Brother Dave, thanks for offering some food for thought, as always. Maybe Jesus told His disciples to get a sword so they could open fruit or protect themselves against wild animals, I don’t know. He certainly didn’t want Peter to use his sword against that soldier in the garden of Gethsemane, so I can’t imagine that He wanted anyone to carry a sword to hurt anyone. And of course, Jesus wouldn’t get married or go into business, but there’s no commandment against those, either, like there is for murder. And using the Israel of the Old Testament is a weak argument for war, given that we live under a New Covenant of “love your enemies.” Obviously, I can’t explain why God seemed to be so war-like in the O.T., but there’s that food for thought. But Jesus was never recorded as being war-like, and I follow Him.

    As for self-defense – I don’t know yet, and maybe I’ll never know. But do I ever want to be responsible for sending anyone to Hell? Would it not be better for me – and my wife – to be killed and go to Heaven than for me to kill an intruder and send him to Hell? There’s some more food for thought.

    As for C.S. Lewis – or anyone for that matter – I can’t judge whether the Holy Spirit is in them. I can only ask questions in the hope that we’d all examine ourselves and the things we believe, and WHY we believe them. It’s way too easy to be indoctrinated throughout our lives by governments, churches, pastors, parents, teachers and others with a temporal worldview that really doesn’t align with God’s word.

    We are here to spread love in the name of Jesus. There’s no higher calling than to reconcile the world to the Father through the blood of Jesus, and we can only do that in the Spirit of Jesus, not by bombing Iran (even if they do threaten Israel) or by spreading our worldly form of government forcibly around the world. As followers of Jesus, we MUST get past a political mentality and move on to a spiritual one.

    You’re right that this is not a clear-cut, black-and-white issue. Let’s keep talking about how we can best represent Jesus in this fallen, broken world, reaching out to people just like us who haven’t yet come to the knowledge of Jesus’ saving grace.

  7. So what do we do with:
    Luke 22:35-36
    Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

    We also have the problem of God directing Israel to commit warfare…and as a member of the Godhead, Jesus was there.

    C.S. Lewis subscribed to the idea that there is such a thing as just war…do we assume the Holy Spirit was not in him?

    Sometimes the “What would Jesus do?” question doesn’t apply. Would Jesus get married? Would Jesus start a business and make a profit?

    If an invader to your house poses a threat to your family, do you just allow him to kill you and your family or do you defend yourself and your family? How about if that same criminal is about to kill a neighbor but you can do something to prevent it, even if it means taking the criminal’s life?

    This is not a clear-cut, black and white matter…reasonable Christians can and do disagree. It is dangerous for Christians on issues like this to say who is and who is not filled with the Holy Spirit. We better be careful about that and heed the lesson of Mark 3:20-30.

  8. Newmission you should really check your facts before you comment:
    concerning The “Aid Workers ? since when did aid workers Have pipes and knives and were the aggressors in the video? did you see the clips ?people died in retaliation to the aid workers who attacked them first.
    and if they had nothing to hide why didn’t they just let them check there ship like the other ones did ?
    IHH ,FREE GAZA Do you know who are behind these organizations ? ( they are the ones organizing the flotilla)ever heard of William Aires ring s bell? Domestic terrorist ?

    This was nothing more than a Political move to make Israel look bad , to gain international sympathy for palestine.
    check out this link see who IHH is
    FREE GAZA article:

  9. Just heard a news report on the crisis in Gaza. Seems as if two nations are simply posturing for power and protection of their borders while they squeeze out the human population of the sick, wounded, hungry and dying in Gaza.

    Nation will rise against Nation, and in the meantime people are being murdered.

    Furthermore, when did it become Internationally accepted that aid workers can be murdered while attempting to bring aid to the sick and wounded?
    We do not live in a world teeming with life any longer, we live in a world society of death.

  10. The only borders that God made were to separate the land from the waters and the heavens from the earth. Man creates kingdoms for himself and is foolhardy enough to believe that he owns any part of this planet.

    We dwell in His creation, and the demise of this world has and will continue to be because of our own haughtiness, greed and dishonor for all that He has made.

  11. a few links and pics to chew on in connection with my above post…

    “Jesus is the Judge” (…not according to the pic) from “Operation Save America” (…from who?!)

    “American Fascism” – book


    hey there,

    maybe you can post this for me in response to the subject at hand. i couldn’t get the vid or pics to load up on my response, so maybe you can set this in.

    in response to the subject at hand…

    check out these two introspective articles about all of this – and while we’re offering books to each other to check out, there are a couple here that look well-worth the read:



    maybe there’s somethin to that “old hippy” phrase… “ALL we are saying, is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!”

    why not AT LEAST try? look where the past 40+ years of fighting war with war has gotten us (and the rest of the world we’ve dragged with us). more war. more hate. more people AGAINST god!

    i like what this one nazarene guy once said… “do not resist (fight against) an evil person; if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also (to be slapped); if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well” (the only piece of clothing the poorest of poor had.

    even though it was against the law to have it taken if you had nothing more to pay a debt with, jesus said to ignore the law and give it to them anyway.); if someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles (the romans forced the jews to carry their military gear to humiliate and degrade them); love your enemy and pray for your persecutor.

    i’ve always come back to this whole “what should america have done in WWII?” as a half-jew, who has visited auschwitz and seen the after-shadows of true horror, i’ve even accepted that statement. “we HAVE TO fight evil!” really? i don’t agree with that thinking anymore. i stand in line with bro dennis and newmission on this. no more. no more war. no more brainwashing our children with pro-american-christian-war-hate!

    thank god i’ve broken free from that thinking that i was fed by my country-of-birth AND by the church i grew up in. and thank god i don’t call myself an american. i’m me. that’s who i am. jesus made me to stand for peace, not for the country i happened to be born into. forget countries, flags, borders…they’re all defended by guns, tanks, ships and planes. what/who have we become? we have UNbecome what we were made for (peace and love) and have become “patriots” to whatever side of the river we defend.

    war. huh! what is it good for? absolutely nothin’!


  13. Wouldn’t that be considered what we know as TERRORISM?

  14. What gets me is that people can value their lives and their loved one’s lives over another’s life. All men are created equal, indeed, but inequality is learned soon after creation. It comes down to finding equality with all, no matter what race, religion, hair texture, height, personality, criminal background, sin committed. Gotta love that sliding scale of sin! Who does the Creator love more, YOU or a CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST? Who really deserves to die at the hand of another? What gives the ‘state’ the right to kill a man or woman because of a conviction? And for all of you who refer to the Old Testament times for your “God supports war” argument, would you yourself go and kill every last man, woman and child if you felt God telling you to do so?

  15. “What a cruel thing is war … to fill our
    hearts with hatred instead of love for our
    neighbors, and to devastate the
    fair face of this beautiful world.”
    Robert E. Lee

    “Never think that war,
    no matter how necessary,
    nor how justified,
    is not a crime.”
    Ernest Hemingway

    “Can anything be stupider than that a
    man has the right to kill me because he
    lives on the other side of a river and his
    ruler has a quarrel with mine, though
    I have not quarreled with him?”
    Blaise Pascal

    “Together we must learn how to
    compose differences, not with arms,
    butwith intellect and decent purpose.”
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Isaiah 2:4 – “And he will certainly render judgment among the nations and set matters straight respecting many peoples. And they will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.”

    John 18:36 – “Jesus answered: ‘My kingdom is no part of this world. If my kingdom were part of this world, my attendants would have fought that I should not be delivered up to the Jews. But, as it is, my kingdom is not from this source.’”

    Matthew 26:52-53 – “Then Jesus said to him: “Return your sword to its place, for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father to supply me at this moment with more than twelve legions of angels?”

  16. In response to Dennis’s actual question (“Would Jesus ever go to war – or kill anybody – under any circumstances, for any reason, at any time, in any place?”):

    I would have to agree and shout a resounding NO !!!

    By no means would Jesus ever go to war or kill anyone. We seem to forget that Jesus lived among the people, under the barbaric and perverse rule of the Roman Empire and never uttered a word against the governing authority. In fact he told us in the case of paying (excessive at that time) taxes: “To render unto Caesar what was Caesar’s.”

    With regard to his propensity for violence I would use the image of His arrest when Peter struck the soldier’s ear. At this point Jesus was moved with compassion toward his enemy and brought healing to this man. Furthermore he rebuked Peter and told him that if he would continue to live by the sword then he would likely die by the sword. These are not idle words from a ‘nationalist’ or a ‘patriot’. These are life words, living words that should be burned into our minds and hearts when we ‘as some people put it’ receive the Holy Spirit.

    I would venture to say that the ‘fundamentalist’ ideal in any faith, belief or religion chooses what to use and what not to use in their theological belief formation. We see ‘fundamentalist’ groups claiming that they follow the Man (God), yet condoning the innocent slaughter of civilians, minimizing their deaths by using phrases like ‘casualties of war’. Some of these people even believe that the current war fronts that American forces are on are a battle against evil.

    How can we believe that we are a brotherhood of people, meaning that we are ALL created in God’s image while we diminish thousands upon thousands of deaths in war?

    Dennis, I also agree that anytime passivity is discussed people tend to bring up Hitler. Well, what about Andrew Jackson, who is on record as slaughtering more ‘american’ indigenous people than any other ‘American Military commander’ in history? People continue to talk of this nation as being one of Christian roots while Tribe after Tribe was wiped out by gunfire or purposed infectious disease. Slaves were owned by most of our founding fathers as they all were landowners to some degree. Irish, Polish, German, Russian, Jew, Arab, Indian and African have all had their ‘moment in time’ when they were persecuted and ridiculed by the ‘American’ patriot or national. This is not Christian, this is ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

    To anyone reading this who does not agree, I ask you to simply examine your heart and the Scripture, whether it be the New Testament, the Quran, Hindu or Buddhist writings and find that all have one common theme: War and death finalizes one’s journey to find salvation of any form.

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Prince of Peace, who says Vengeance is His and not mine. He loved me early on in my life ‘while I was yet an evil wrongdoer, filled with hatred, anger and revenge’. He still loved me and died for me. We were commanded to go TO ALL NATIONS and make disciples of men. We were not called to go to all nations and gun down the ones who we have determined are evil, then implement our form of Democracy upon them.

    In the act of GOING:
    Rule 1 – Respect the culture that you are entering.
    Rule 2 – Love those who hate you and want to do harm to you.
    Rule 3 – Pray for those who hate you and want to do harm to you.
    Rule 4 – Expose the love of Christ to ALL men, women and children.
    Rule 5 – Lay down your life for your brother (and this does not mean the guy that you’re friends with at church).

    Dennis, I love you brother and will defend this cause with you till the end.

    It is not for us to choose who we will kill; it is for us to choose that we would rather die than send another human being to a place where he or she cannot choose an eternal life with Christ.


    PS: Pastors and Clergy who are preaching nationalism and supporting the war: beware, for you are held to a higher standard and will be judged with a different set of rules than us ignorant lay people.

  17. The book I was offering was written by the man u are stating was a Christian………also Dr. Sumrall had a great bk., that helped me understand Muslims. We have been many times to India..where after the Hindu, that is the second largest group….coming bk…from India I had a lay over in Bahrain. 18 hour one., airlines paid for fare to nice hotel…2 meals…and I got 2 go out on the streets at nite….with the price’s, the only gfts i could afford were spices for food. ……. mike got to go to E 21. Heard of it? was here in Tulsa in april.
    Well we have a bk Healing the broken Family of Abraham/ New Life for Muslims by Don McCurry. It is considered the definitive bk on ministering to Muslims………have u read it? blessed w/ 2 signed copies.
    Thanks for posting me in the proper place.
    Have a great day we are his hand’s and feet to a hurting world.
    Love you, Brother
    Still thankful….to be an American….
    Offer still stands if u want to read the bk by George who was the christian in Saddam’s army.

  18. Dear Lynn,

    Thanks for your heartfelt comments, but my question about war had absolutely nothing to do with crime and punishment in society. I asked: “Would Jesus ever go to war – or kill anybody – under any circumstances, for any reason, at any time, in any place?”

    Of course, we need to protect our children and society from rapists and others, through the criminal justice system and prison if necessary.

    But War? What about Hitler?

    Everybody always brings up Hitler in a discussion about pacifism, but how would Jesus have responded to Hitler’s tyrannical rule? Would he have dropped bombs on Dresden, obliterating the city and tens of thousands of innocent people along with it? Or would he have fought in the battle of Stalingrad, where more than 200,000 civilians lost their lives?

    What was the Old Testament pattern? Let’s look at that, since so many use Israel as a model for God’s justice in the earth.

    Often, God actually placed Israel under the domination of other nations, as slaves and worse, because of their disobedience and sin. Were they able to fight off the evil empires that took them over? No, because IT WAS GOD’S WILL FOR THEM TO SUFFER.

    Now there’s a radical idea.

    Is it even remotely possible that God could use evil nations for his purposes? Throughout history, we see where conquering nations took over people who knew God. And what was the result? The conquerors were actually evangelized by the conquered. It was God’s plan for people to come to him. I’d say a much better one than dominating a nation to the degree that they’ll NEVER listen to what you have to say about God. How does that serve God’s eternal purposes?

    We have to stop looking at things in “patriotic,” nationalistic ways, or our efforts in this world become useless. We may build the strongest nation on the face of the earth, but who do we harm in the process?

    “How does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?”

    Do we realize how many tens of millions of people in the Muslim world absolutely hate us right now because of the atrocities we’re committing, all in the name of “freedom”?

    How good is our Christian witness to them right now? I’d say it sucks!

    Wouldn’t it be much better to approach nations like that (yes, even those “terrorist” people) with assistance – building schools, teaching usable skills, meeting the needs of those people with the love and mercy of God?

    If you talk about Iraq, just ask the Christian community from Iraq how they’ve fared since we “liberated” their country. Almost all of them have left, because of persecution and violence. Under Saddam, they were protected to a large extent, and were able to worship freely. One of Saddam’s top cabinet officials was a Christian.

    Don’t get me wrong – Saddam Hussein was a very evil man, and deserved to be replaced, but are there better ways in the world community to effect that kind of change, without blowing up a country?

    Iraq is not a safe place today for anybody. What did we really accomplish? Do you really know what’s going on over there, or are you just believing what the government is feeding you?

    Look, it’s time we start to look at how the governments of this world – which are all evil as far as I’m concerned – use the common man as fodder in their quest for power and money. The Bible says it best: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” If we think that shooting Hellfire missiles on innocent civilians in Afghanistan is keeping us safe, then we are deluded.

    I maintain that our allegiance must be ONLY to our Father in Heaven, the King of the universe, not to any man, company, church or nation. We must follow God only, not the drumbeat of patriotism for some worldly government.

    We will all have to answer for these kind of things someday, and I know that when I stand before God Almighty, I will not have gone wrong by following the path of peace.

    Can you say the same thing about war?

  19. (I’m copying these two comments from a friend, Lynn, who inadvertently placed them under the previous article. They belong here. Dennis)

    When I saw we I mean we as American’s…..whose country was birthed so people could have freedom of relegion. People are gifted and called to many place’s. We need state’s man serving us in the sen., etc., that’s why the word say’s first of all prayer for all in authority. The highest level of the power’s of darkness are coming against the leader’s….because when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice…when the wicked rule we mourn.
    U make the point of all the excess’s in the group’s u have been w/ since the Jesus house. One thing I appericate about those who serve the Lord under ur up bringing is the reverence. But how to bridge praying to Mary she went to the upper room vs putting them down for religion vs a relionship with Jesus. We are all in the same family if we have accepted Christ.
    Are u proud of what has been coming out about the many children who were sexually abused?
    That happen’s in other realm’s too.
    Zeal is a funny thing….balance in all area’s but we tend to want to swing from one side to the other. Lord help us love and respect one another…for the world (satan’s kid’s) will know us by our love.
    I love u brother and appericate ur call to missions….and love for the lost and God’s kid’s. Me personally I am still growing so hopefully u have grace towards me where we do not see eye to eye. Good nite…Be Blessed as u continue to be a blessing.

    Lynn Eager

    What about when we are trying to free people from tyrants…..such as… Hitler…..Saddam……the people in Viet Nam…..what about how our military has gone in to keep the peace, just recently in Haiti….then look what the guy in Cambodia…did to that country…we were there saw the skulls of the educated he had killed. Saw the jails they were kept in and the torture that was used on those poor people…..before him it was a beautiful country….thank god it is being restored. Our military did peace keeping in Bosina…not to mention many other’s. Are u saying when a person rapes a five yr old child that person should be given access to our children again. Yet, in so many state’s that’s what happens they give them so called treatment….then thier released to do it again. What should happen to the man and woman who kidnapped that beautiful little girl Elizabeth Smart….we live in a world where satan iss the god of this world….unless u know Jesus u are in darkness…we are all growing daily as we NEVER graduate from the school of walking with Jesus, learning the Precious Holy Spirits voice and we can trust Father God to see us thru.
    I am proud to say in Tulsa this last yr., 2 men were caught who raped one a five yr., old the othe an 8 yr., old they did not get the death sentence, but thank’s to Tim Harris, and the judges sentence they will never get out of jail…..in jail they will have many opportunties to say yes, to the free gift of salvation. Will be able to grow in prison in him….I know many people who go take great bks., all the bks., are free….Jesus will help them find peace and contentment, and use them there…..but what if we were in a state that released them…
    AS for war yes there are innocent…but how much better is Iraq? Have u read the bk SADDAM’s SECRETS by Georges Sada, he was a Christian in Saddam’s army and Saddam came to trust him. We were blessed w/2 copies. if u have any interest we would love to send u one….if not no hurt feeling’s. address, I would love to send it. Love u brother…

    Lynn Eager

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