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  1. Thanks for your thoughts Arcy. They are heartfelt and valid and surely represent many, many people who are caught in your situation daily. Of course, there needs to be legal immigration, and the borders need to be secured. The government is charged with keeping its citizens safe, and they aren’t doing a very good job of it. My feeling, however, is that we Christians need to always keep in mind that we are all strangers on this earth, and should be hospitable to all, even if they’re illegally in this country. Our faith should always override our earthly citizenship, and we should continue to trust God for our protection and peace.

    Hopefully, the people we’ve elected to public office will always act in our best interests – but when they don’t, we should have the courage to send them home to mama.

  2. I believe everyone is only hearing what the news chooses to puts out and that is not the complete truth and hence everyone’s reaction to AZ immigration law.

    What you don’t know is that this law has been in effect for many years now but is now being enforced. I live in Tucson, AZ which is 30 minutes from the Nogales, Mexico border. I can honestly say that I have huge concerns with the well being of my family. When you live in this state that has to deal with killings, kidnappings for money, robberies, murders, drug issues, financial supporting and etc. daily you wonder where freedom is while praying that the Lord just help us with all of this evil. Here I live in the United States and people just don’t have a clue of the danger we face here. Crime is huge here and getting stronger with illegal’s that refuse to register properly. I’m half Hispanic and my precious mother in-law is from across the border and her along with my family from the past has crossed over by the accordance to the Government. There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming over here because we are blessed nation. I only have issues when you come over the wrong way because obviously you have something to hide. I do believe this is where the government has to step in to protect the people. This law is not picking and choosing it just making sure that you have absolutely nothing to hide!!!! It’s really hard to hear all the criticism about this law but I believe if anyone of you lived here and had to deal with these issues you would be thinking twice. So these state boycotting or whatever…do it!!!! I would love for them to take this stress away from me while their are getting a taste of what we have been dealing with all of these years. Please open up you doors because I have 4 beautiful children that I have to protect and this law helps with that.

    So understand that this is not any race issues because we love the culture but just do it legally so we can allow our children to live life without these unnecessary horrible issues that’s been coming from all of this!!!! Think twice and try walking in our shoes. We are the ones in danger! So yes please put up the walls and protect our future cause as of right now it is grim. At the same time I pray for those people in need of protection also from there because that’s when we as the US need to help them.

    All in all I know the Lord Jesus is powerful and no matter how it looks it all in his hands. I now that for a fact cause I see it every day within my children.

  3. Hey, let’s take a serious look at this cartoon. Who were the pilgrims?

    Some were men and women searching for freedom and willing to die for it, the “revolutionaries” of their day. They were quickly brainwashed, though, by those who loved to conquer, using “freedom” for their own wicked devices. The aggressors, slave owners and deceivers of men, an inclusive breed of people who never understood the meaning of liberty for all.

    And yet hundreds of years later, here our nation stands. Continuing to push our form of government on other peoples, while our Native Americans still live in squalor on reservations and our poor Black chil’en remain enslaved in the ghettos of our cities.

    What happened to America the Beautiful?

    I think it disappeared when the first boatload of “pilgrims” landed.

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