This is one interview that everyone interested in peace should watch:

Also check out Greg Mortenson’s website, and learn more about his work and witness. He’s an inspiration to how well things can be done if we have the courage to follow Jesus into dangerous places to reach those who are trapped there. Mortenson has written a follow-up book to Three Cups of Tea, called Stones into Schools. His is a powerful testimony, which should inspire us all:

Sitara School


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  1. My guess is that he has offered God’s love plenty behind the scenes.

  2. I cant believe that no one commented on this post yet. This man is doing a great work, yet even on your post Dennis, he goes un-noticed.
    Well, I noticed him and have more respect for this man than most. Here is a guy building relationships and schools while his countrymen are calling of the annihilation of the society’s that he is working in.
    It funny you know that Greg was raised abroad by missionary parents and grew up with a heart for the lost and less fortunate. I have seen his interviews and have read his literature yet have never heard him ‘proclaim’ his faith. I have although SEEN his faith in action as he continues to enter into hostile territory and build relationships with people. Build schools to educate children who are so eager to learn. This is a disciple, building relations and giving the gift of education. Thanks Dennis for giving Greg a little space on your blog and I hope that people are looking at his links.

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