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  1. I have only come out of hiding because of VAGABOND!!!!
    Sweet post bro !
    Pseudo-politico-religiosity , another sign to hang around our necks or another bumper sticker to put on the car next to the fish symbol and the God is my co-pilot license plate holder.

    (“You see, they know the most effective way to control the masses is to control what all the masses believe.”)
    STRONG STATEMENT especially when you tie it to the demographic and location of ‘religious’ congregations. The one on this corner (believes) in tongues, the one two blocks away (believes) tongues are of the devil. The one on the West corner welcome’s gays, but the one on the East corner (believes) they are demoniacally possessed and are not welcome into fellowship. This one (believes) in the security of the believer, that one (believes) in the Sabbath on Saturday.
    Religious systems and political party’s are very effective in the way they control their followers.

    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    When taken together, it’s a lethal mix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high…

  2. Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    Together, a lethal mix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high.

    Now, John Lennon once said, “Imagine a world where there was no religion.”
    Need I remind you of the song?
    But I’d say, “Imagine a world where there was religion.”
    But I’m talkin about religion in its truest, purest form.
    You see, the word ‘religion’ comes from the Greek word ‘religio.’
    And religio simply means “for one to bind.”
    Rebind oneself to the true realities of existence, transcending all space and time.

    But all this religion and politics…my, my, my…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    When taken together, it’s a lethal mix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high.
    Talkin’ about relgion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high.

    Now, ‘politics’ comes from ‘politik.’
    And politik means “shrewd and cunning.”
    You only have to look at the tactics used in an election by all the respective candidates that are running.
    So now when religion and politics get together…man, that’s like a recipe for disaster.
    A match made in hell, where the devil lives happily ever after.

    I’m talkin’ about religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    When taken together, it’s a lethal mix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high.

    Now, some say religion has done more bad than good, and religion’s been the cause of all of our wars.
    But I point the finger not at religion, but more to the demonic governments and politicians exploiting Divine laws.
    You see, they know the most effective way to control the masses is to control what all the masses believe.
    So what they do, is take the teachings of great masters and teachers, into which ritual and dogma they weave.
    And then from the ties, replace the truth with lies, tryin to hide the light.
    But of course the light never really dies.

    Father, when will they realize that you comprise of all of us?
    And if we listen hard enough, then we can hear you calling us.

    Well, well, well…

    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    When taken together, it’s a lethal mix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, I need another fix.
    Religion and politics…
    Is gettin me high, is gettin me high…

    -Urban Species feat. Terry Callier

  3. Salam,
    Again thanks for your humble reply,
    i was not trying to make a fuss , i was just trying to make a point by using your own posts here to show your bias and hypocrisies… but it looks as if none of you will admit it , but thats ok …

    for example i have been called some pretty harsh things here just by calling you to your own statements but have i accused you or newmission of these things ? (name calling)

    i think there is a problem when you are challenged and cant respond without calling people names …..
    there can be a matter of respect ecpecially among brothers in Christ !

    If i have been intolerant … Not sure what ?
    if i have been judgemental ..i apologize
    if i am prideful , from what im not sure ….let me know ok
    If i have been exclusive, im here arent i ??
    my exclusiveness is in Christ alone !!
    if i am arrogant ,hey i was just having a debate !

    By the way thanks for all the help , having my back ,you know what mean ….anyone ….

    Salam ,it was nice talking with you at least you were kind …
    as far as Ishmeal goes i really don”t know …i would love to hear your perspective on that subject
    Thanks and God Bless
    i will read only from now on so you wont hear from me again!!!

  4. Not defending the church Vicki…..

    just trying to show the bias that people have here towards their fellow Christian brothers thats all…

    You judge but don’t want to be judged!

    Peace !

  5. So sad to see you go Newmission, especially when I believe that much of this fuss was caused by me.

    I do believe West Dog that newmission has proven that he understands the 3 finger principle by evacuating himself and his family from the stumbling block of the prideful and arrogant, etc.
    You have to point your finger sometimes to show people exactly what you’re looking at in the midst of other things. If you and i were looking at the sky and I said look at that star, your response would be, what star?… then I would have to point my finger at it to ASSIST YOU IN SEEING…i don’t think we should take any of Newmission’s statements as ‘accusations’ because he seems to be trying to show us all something that he sees. ( I for one have not been where he has been so I am trying to see what he sees)

    If we look to the Scripture we see a perfect example of what I think Newmission is seeing and most are not. The “righteous” of the day could not see anything wrong in what they were doing and they were 100% justified in their beliefs because they were:
    1. The Chosen People of God
    2. Priests and Scribes
    3. The Righteous of the time
    4. Temple Leaders and Teachers

    But Jesus found fault in them because they had lost the Essence of God. They ‘did’ and ‘said’ everything right but missed the spirit of it all.

    Newmission, if you do just happen back to read, I am sorry if I put words in your mouth that don’t belong there.

    Western Dog, if you and I were looking up at the stars I may ask you about the promise of God to Abraham and remind you that Abraham had two sons – what is your understanding of the promises extending also to Ishmael?

  6. I find it funny, that some are constantly on the defensive.. not matter what is said, it’s defend and defend.

    Usually when one has to defend something all the time, then there is something wrong.. something that they will protect no matter what..

    many people write here to get people to think.. that is exactly what Dennis is doing.. to make people look out of their own box.

    if you always are in your box, then you can’t always see anything but that..

    we have taken a step out of a box, and have seen the light and truth.. we don’t have to defend any church. why would we have to?

  7. Im sorry New mission,
    I consider you my friend and always will
    you shouldnt give up so easy…
    i was merely pointing out your own biased and judgmentalism that you still wont admit……

    you call your own brothers in Christ these names and dont consider your self the same…..

    i have NEVER thought of anyone in my whole christian walk with the words you just used to describe me and other christians…..judgementalism,intolerant,arrogant,
    pretty harsh words … i dont believe i decribed you the same way….

    so sorry you have have the bitter taste, maybe you should stop pointing the finger and pay attention to the 3 pointing back at you…


    PS my last post wasnt just to you i refered Salam and the article too

  8. I see tolerance walking beside intolerance, love sharing with hatred, reason expressing itself to brainwashing, and peace making an inroad as they both head toward the same direction.

  9. I have no more energy for this.
    You go your way and I’ll go mine.

    Take this any way you want too bro!
    I don’t care anymore…..

    I will close with this:
    I have never in my life met more judgmental, intolerant, arrogant and exclusive people than the people who call themselves Evangelical Christians or Pentecostals.
    This is based on a full 12 months of experience in my family’s live’s.

    I apologize if this or anything that i have said offended you or anyone else here. I have a bitter taste in my mouth for what I have experienced and thank God every day that he removed us from the places that were causing us to stumble and from being in fellowship with arrogance, pride, gossip and exclusiveness.
    Bless you

  10. No politics …..

    Newmissions Comment:
    are you a right wing, fundamentalist, radical conservative republican ?

    salams comments…..

    Follow me and I will make you a new creation, not a new Republican…. Oh yea, I almost forgot, the U.S.A. will soon start looking to its government as their salvation and many will have an idol called conservatism. Don’t be fooled by that tom-trickery, that has nothing to do with Me or my Father… it’s just another Golden Calf.

    These were posted before my response :

    I didn’t bring up the political statements I’m just commenting on your obvious bias towards anyone who has a conservative view……

    and don’t you mean Socialism/ communism? Salam as you next idol ?

    just fess up with your hypocrisy and stop with all the self righteous comments
    yes SLANTED ,SLANTED ,SLANTED your comments are !

    Oh and as far as the pic goes how about a controversial change?
    not that I’m already doing a good job of that

    how about a Muslim Al-Qaeda soldier instead of the Nazi ?
    Isn’t it to late for the Nazi anyways ??
    Unless they are still alive ?
    Now There is some political incorrectness !

  11. I see the Creator of the universe, talking with a sinner.
    Explaining to him why he is following a false Messiah.
    Probably asking Him….Why do you persecute my chosen people?
    Explaining to him the right way down the road of life that leads to God.

    As Christians our views should come from the word of God alone.

    I am neither a republican nor a democrat.
    I am a Monarchist, for I await the coming King!

  12. The Christ that I know is a Healer, not a killer.

    New Mission once said that Politics has no place in the Body of Christ. I could not agree more.

    Support nothing that sends a man, woman or child to an early death without the opportunity to hear and respond to the Word of God.
    We say that we are called to extend a ‘cold cup of water’ yet we send bullets and bombs…

    National arrogance is in its purest form in the American Evangelical movement.

    Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant.

    Rhetoric, Rhetoric, Rhetoric……….

    But, you sit and listen to pastors and preachers whose premise of belief is Republican. Which means that EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouths is SLANTED……


  13. Western Dog,

    What makes you think that I dont like Will Wrights comment ? I was simply asking a question to try and get some perspective and to understand the premise that he or she is coming from.

    As far as Salam’s comments…. I dont see anything wrong with any of them. Are you offended by the comment of conservatism being the golden calf of evangelicals ?

    Or was it the killing in the name of Christ that got you ?

  14. New mission,
    I thought we were going to listen to everyones opinion,looks like you dont like Wills comment ..

    i guess it must be wrong in this country to be an Conservative and republican according to you and SLN ?? ( oh yeah the mainstream media also )

    i didnt see you dis any other posts like Salams politcal rhetoric rants???
    whats up with that ????

    “Love thy Neighbor as thy self”
    Judge not lest you be judged”
    Peace Bro

  15. hey will wright…..

    are you a right wing, fundamentalist, radical conservitive republican ?

  16. Looks like Osama Bin Laden recruiting a soldier to join his fight. He is saying ” I’m fighting so I can die a martyr and go to heaven to meet God. Our fight now is against the Americans. We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two.”

  17. I like what Salam Alaikum commented.
    “Put your sword back in its place….”All who use the sword will die by the sword.”
    He’s the Prince of Peace – God Hates War.
    Like a friend of mine wrote…
    Who is the enemy, bringing the threat to me
    It’s not a human being my eyes can see
    Defeated so long ago, the enemy of our souls
    still tries to deceive us, but GOD HATES WAR.

  18. On 11/30/09 4:29 PM, Michael Kiesel wrote:

    “I see a guy with a beard and long dark hair, dressed in a robe and carrying a rifle and back pack talking to a Nazi soldier, both looking at each other and walking down a road together.”

  19. “Come as you are”
    I’m thinking the gun and back pack are the nazi’s (though never seen an image of a nazi carrying a long arm and back pack) their is no crossroad but the road does continue and in the horizon is not heaven, but a continued journey. I see this as an opportunity everone has as Jesus is walking and talking with this man. He is still wearing his uniform at this point but if he continues on his walk he may very well remove the old man and put on the new man.

  20. you love the sinner not the sin. even the lord does not condemn but loves and talks to call.

  21. A rastifalian shares his views with a Nazi….

  22. “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “All who use the sword will die by the sword.”

    I do not advocate war, I am the Prince of Peace come to save mankind from itself and the evil one.

    Furthermore, I do not represent any political or social agenda, nor do I represent the United States of America, N.A.T.O. your Fuhrer or any other Nation or political power. I urge you to understand that I represent the Kingdom of God, which transcends all Earthly powers and principalities. I bring peace, love and tolerance to you so you can bring it to others. Please understand that this weapon of yours that I carry is a weapon of destruction and death and has been used in My name for centuries. It will be used again in My name repeatedly, but I tell you that I am the Prince of Peace and not the Prince of War. Take care not to be deceived by political rhetoric, Kings or Rulers – I do not represent them nor the wars of man.

    Follow me and I will make you a new creation, not a new Republican…. Oh yea, I almost forgot, the U.S.A. will soon start looking to its government as their salvation and many will have an idol called conservatism. Don’t be fooled by that tom-trickery, that has nothing to do with Me or my Father… it’s just another Golden Calf.

    Look to Me for Wisdom
    Look to Me for Understanding
    Look to Me for Guidance
    Look to Me for Power

    And above all Love My Father with all of yourself and love your neighbor as yourself.

    PS…Love your enemies, pray for them, feed them, give them drink….. How better to show the Love of God than to lay your life down for the ones who want to harm you.

  23. On 11/29/09 1:52 PM, Charles Thomas wrote:

    “Hey there Big D – hope you and the Mrs. are doing good! Miss you guys 🙂 Not sure I did this right, but what I saw was that Jesus took his burdens from him, which were the weapons of war, and took time to talk to him?”

  24. On 11/30/09 9:25 AM, Chris Upshur wrote:

    “I’m a little confused why they would portray Jesus with a gun. But the first thing I see is Jesus saying we have been down this road before and the Jews are going to fight to protect our beautiful land.”

  25. I see Jesus in II WW Germany putting his Sermon on the Mount (going the second mile) into practice. And of course while he is doing so, he is giving the young soldier an opportunity to hear the Truth.

  26. I see that Jesus met the Nazi where he is at. He came to him. And then he carried his burden for him. “Take my yoke upon you…and you will find rest unto your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

  27. We are all sinners – all are capable of being the “Nazi.” And we are all loved and cherished and redeemed by His blood if we will only follow Him.

  28. The Nazis proclaimed Jesus, as they murdered over six million of my people. They had their Christmas parties as the ovens in Auschvitz burned with Jewish bodies. Is this man dreaming that Jesus appeared to him to advise him regarding Hitler’s plans?

  29. Jesus, a Jew associating with a Nazi (perhaps a modern day Samaritan?). Jesus has disarmed him of his weapon by meeting a practical need (lifting his burden).
    The Nazi side of the road is old, dry land. Full of dry brush. Jesus’ side is empty, showing potential for a new start and new life.
    the road is narrow and few will walk it.
    I imagine Jesus starting the conversation something like this…”See this image of a broken cross on your arm? Let me tell you about it…..”

  30. Surrender, reason, walls tumbling down, crossing barriers, the good samaritan, Jesus with a gun?! Compassion, interest, hitting the point, willing to go further.
    Is that even Jesus? Is the other going to turn around, walk away.
    But now I see, Jesus taking the backpack and the gun from the other.
    Matthew 11:25 -30
    Salvation belongs to our GOD!

  31. On this road of life, Jesus is sharing his love and revelation to the soldier who has surrendered his heavy weight and defenses to Christ. There is communion and illumination exchanged.
    Jesus has lifted the soldier’s heavy weight and relieved him of his defense mechanism by reaching out to him in love and communication. There is peace and reconciliation with God.

  32. I see Christ walking (unashamedly) with a nazi soldier…..speaking to him, revealing God’s Love for him (as a man – not seeing nazi)…..Christ compelling this man to see God’s truth (as he revealed truth to those on the road to Emmaus).

  33. The pangs of death encompassed me,
    And the floods of ungodliness made me afraid.
    The sorrows of Sheol surrounded me;
    The snares of death confronted me.
    In my distress I called upon the Lord,
    And cried out to my God;
    He heard my voice from His temple,
    And my cry came before Him, even to His ears.

    Psalm 18:4-6

  34. If someone commands you to carry their backpack one mile, go with him two… That gives you more time to tell them about the love of God that transcends our sins and brings us into eternal life. Jesus wasn’t afraid to be seen with those whom society despised and neither should we.

  35. I see freedom

  36. Special K & Kresge

    “let me bear your burden for you”

    I really like vagabond’s reply. Way to go Vag.

  37. Special K & Kresge

    “Let me free you of your burden”

  38. What do I see?


  39. Young man, believe me when I say Hitler has mislead you – he is of evil, not of good. Be righteous my son and turn away from evil:

    Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. Mt 11:29
    For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. I Peter 3:12
    Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 2 Ti 2:22

  40. Sometimes something simple like an act of kindness sends the most clear message.

  41. I think Jesus is carrying his load for him.

  42. is it cool if i shoot the deer and you clean it this time?

  43. Hans, listen to me, I don’t care what you have done or what you are doing. That is not my concern. I want you to know that there is a life beyond this one that you see right now. There is a place where I am from that is filled with the presence of God almighty. He sent me here to talk to you. He wants you to know that He loves you no matter what uniform your wearing and who you have murdered. You see Hans, if you hate someone then you have murdered him, so your guns are just as dangerous as your intentions and the thoughts of your heart. I am here to tell you that you can be freed from the consequences of all of that, past, present and that which is to come.

    I walk with you and carry your burdens to show you that I love you and our Father in heaven loves you. I am His Son, come here to serve you. Believe in me and you have believed in the Father. Believe in Me and inherit everlasting life.
    Come on Hans, lets find a Pub and share a pint and some food and talk more…… I like you and I want to spend more time with you.

  44. “Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet,
    They shall be white as snow.”

    Isaiah 1:18

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