CHAPTER 5 (read the whole story here)

Chris Blake’s cell phone rang. It was David Ling, who had returned to his office at the new U.S. Embassy on a 10-acre site just outside Beijing’s third-ring road. silkmarket1He actually liked the old embassy better – near the street markets – because the neighborhood was full of winding streets covered in over-arching canopies of trees, and filled with tourists trying to find a bargain. Of course, there were also the ubiquitous DVD and CD hawkers, whose life’s mission was to get a bootleg movie into your hands at all costs. Maybe the clean, new embassy was a bit easier to take after all.

“Mr. Blake?” David had news about Li Ying, and it was disturbing. “I’ve got some information about the baby – Li Ying. She was taken to an orphanage in Tianjin, where the doctors are evaluating her and deciding exactly what to do with her.”

“But, why?” Chris responded. “She was abandoned, and nobody wanted her. Wu Ming saved her life, and the PSB came in and just took her away. Can they do that?”

There was a pause before David answered. “Someone in Liping Village reported there was a baby in my uncle’s home, and apparently they thought she didn’t belong there. It’s amazing they didn’t arrest my aunt and uncle, or search their home more thoroughly. If they had, they might have discovered Brother Wu, too, and thrown him back in prison. At least the Tianjin Orphanage is one of the best in China. The Director and staff really care about their kids, and will make sure that Li Ying gets into a good home. Maybe it’s for the best – she’s in good hands.”phfwinter2

“I’m with Wu now,” Chris said. “We’ve left Liping, and we’re going on a short trip. I’m taking some extra days off from the airline so I can help him with something he has to do. I want to thank you for taking me to Liping and introducing me to your family there. God has sure opened my eyes about life here, and I’m excited to see what will happen on this trip with Wu Ming.”

“Mr. Blake, it’s been my pleasure to spend time with you, and also gain new understanding about your culture,” David said. “Frankly, I’ve never known an African-American before, and you’ve shattered some of my misconceptions as well. Your kind heart and willingness to share the grief of my family truly reflected the love of Jesus, and I appreciate that. I think Li Ying has brought us all together, and she’s going to be OK now.”

“I’ll try to touch base with you before I leave China, but for now, will you pray for us as we go?” Chris asked. “I have a feeling that I’m in for quite an adventure with Wu. Bye for now.”

chinagreentrain2“I’ve got the tickets,” Brother Wu announced as Chris snapped his phone shut. “We’re going to Kaifeng! Hurry before we miss our train – we’ve got 10 minutes before it leaves.”

“What kind of seats did we get?” Chris asked. “I hope it’s not hard seat, because I’ve heard that’s pretty rough.”

“C’mon, now Chris – it’s only a nine-hour ride to Zhengzhou, then we transfer over for the short ride to Kaifeng,” Wu said. “You can handle hard seat, right? Don’t worry – since we’re leaving so late tonight, I got hard sleeper, so we’ll at least be able to lie down. After changing trains in the morning, we’ll get into Kaifeng about 9:00 a.m.”

Chris was reassured as he and Brother Wu slowly squeezed through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds on the station platform. He lifted his dark leather bag onto the steaming, idling train as he placed his left foot on the metal step of the old green car and lifted himself into a new world. What was he going to find in Kaifeng?



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  1. Dennis, It’s nice to recognize some of the place names in your story. You really put a personal touch on it because of your experiences in China.
    Thanks for continuing these inspiring chapters.
    I look forward to the next one.

  2. Dennis,
    I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter. What a wonderful story.. God can really do wonderful things in a person life and even though we don’t know the path we are going on, he is right there guiding us along.

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