Write an encouraging letter to Hu Wenxiang, Tang Houyong and Xie Zhenqi, three Christians sentenced to one year of re-education through labor for “illegal proselytizing” and attending an “illegal gathering.” These house church Christians were meeting in a home for worship when police arrested them on December 3, 2008.

You can send them an encouraging note at:
Mr. Hu Wenxiang, Mr. Tang Houyong and Mr. Xie Zhenqi
Henan Provincial Re-education through Labor Management Committee
3 Jinshui Road
Zhengzhou, Henan

Read more about their case at:


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  1. We should write in whatever our native tongue is, as most people will not have access to translation services. Even if these brothers don’t get our notes, the authorities will see there are people around the world who care, and may moderate their treatment accordingly. Let’s face it – if we were in prison for our faith and got hundreds of letters from around the world, it wouldn’t matter whether we could read them all or not. We’d be encouraged and lifted by the knowledge that we were not alone.

  2. Do these dear brothers know English? I do know someone who will translate my notes into Chinese- in fact, she already has- but she IS busy.

  3. Looks like Saturday night service may go late, so I think that Sunday “church” will be each family member writing a letter. Thanks for the “rules”, we will stand by them and encourage our brothers in prision.

  4. Good question, Jiffy. Don’t be political or “religious.” Just write a short letter or note of encouragement – maybe mention that you heard of their situation and you’re thinking about them. It may even be OK to say you’re praying for them. Thanks!

  5. I’m guessing these letters will be screened by the officials, so what can we say without getting them into more trouble? What shouldn’t we write?

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