“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr., Baptist minister and civil rights activist


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  1. Seems like such a simple quote but it is really deep. How do we have the whole body if we keep silent when we see the wrong things all around us?

    I really don’t understand why when Christians have a revelation from God, why others around us don’t get it. We asked to be changed but when we do, watch out. You are told you have no balance.. Didn’t God change Paul in a moment?

  2. Just when I was giving up, giving in to the pressure that causing dissent and having people label an opposing point of view as wrong. I read this quote from MLK Jr.
    Thank you. I WILL NOT BE SILENT.
    And if I end up a lonley old man somewhere in the middle of a unfriendly group of “yes men” or in an old folks home. I will at least have the peace that I spoke and did not hold silent “about things that matter”

    Truth matters diplomacy does not.

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