“Much of what emanates from modern pulpits would not be recognized by history’s great preachers as being Bible-based and glorifying to God. Rather than the spiritual meat the Body of Christ needs – marked by doctrinal clarity, a sense of gravity, convincing argument, and a proper focus on Christ entire churches are being administered a sweet but substanceless snack by their pastors. Consequently, congregations leave the sanctuary malnourished and ill-prepared to stand firm when their faith is challenged.”

– Alistair Begg


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  1. Thought that you may like this quote from Leonard Ravenhill, it blew me away.

    “Would we send our daughters off to have sex if it would benefit our country? Yet, we send our sons off to kill when we think it would benefit our country!”

    It is almost like I don’t even believe that he really said this.
    Here are a couple more just for GRINS 🙂

    “When there’s something in the Bible that churches don’t like, they call it ‘legalism.'”

    “If Jesus had preached the same message that ministers preach today, He would never have been crucified.”

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